Peter R. MacLeish, Ph.D. 

Chair & Professor



Neuroscience Institute
Location: Medical Education Building 226
Phone: 404-756-5786


Harvard Medical School
Fellowship: Neurobiology

Harvard University
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy 

Research Interests

Retinal Cell Biology



O’Brien, J.J., Chen, X., MacLeish, P.R., O’Brien, J. and Massey, S.C.  Photoreceptor Coupling Mediated by Connexin 36 in the Primate Retina. J. Neuroscience 32:4675-4687, 2012.

Young, A., Machacek, D.W., Dhara, S.K., MacLeish, P.R., Benveniste, M., Dodla, M.C., Sturkie, C.D. and Stice, S.L. Ion channels and ionotropic receptors in human embryonic stem cell derived neural progenitors. Neuroscience 192: 793-805, 2011.

Ford, G.D., Ford, B.D., Steele, E.C. Jr., Gates, A., Hood, D., Matthews, M.A., Mirza, S., MacLeish, P.R. Analysis of Transcriptional Profiles and Functional Clustering of Global Cerebellar Gene Expression in PCD3J Mice. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 2008 Oct 16, PMID: 18930027.

MacLeish, P.R. and Nurse, C.A. Ion channel compartments in photoreceptors: Evidence from salamander rods with intact and ablated terminals. J. Neurophysiology 98: 86-95, 2007.

Honors and Awards

Member, Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives

Member, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

Member, NIH BRAIN Working Group