Hugh Gloster Renovation

The Hugh Gloster Renovation involves the renovation of the 1st and 2nd floor of the Hugh Gloster building. This renovation includes:

  • Improvements to classroom 1 and 2;
  • A redesign of the office space between the classrooms and Library; and
  • Addition of classroom/learning space on the second floor.

To see a 3D rendering of how the space will look, click here.

During the renovation, a number of people will be displaced and moved to Mobile Business Units located in the vacant lot across from the parking deck. To see a list of people being relocated and their tentative move dates, please click here.

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Weekly Update: 12/22/17
Weekly Update: 12/15/17
Weekly Update: 11/11/17
Weekly Update: 11/3/17
Weekly Update: 10/27/17
Weekly Update: 10/6/17
Weekly Update: 9/08/17
Weekly Update: 8/31/17

Lee Street Mobile Business Units (MBU)


 Hugh Gloster 1st Floor

HG Reno HG Reno
HG Reno HG Reno
HG Reno HG Reno

 HG Classrooms and Tech Bar

Hall Classroom
Classroom TechBar