NCPCR Methodology Core

Methodology Core Main Objective

Build a strong Methodology Core made up of an interdisciplinary team to provide intra-network support, coordination with CEAL Alliance teams, and CETEC coordination around establishing and implementing procedures for data use and sharing, data standardization, measurement, study design, and analytic capacity.

Project Level Objectives

Measure Equity Focused Primary Care Models: Identify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on existing health inequities and highlight innovative care models that advance health equity.

  1. Perform secondary data analysis of existing data, identify and innovative care models that emerged during the pandemic through an ethnographic approach, and measure the impact of a subset of these programs on health equity outcomes.
  2. Conduct a cluster randomized control trial that tests a practice level intervention identified/designed based on the ethnographic work described above.

The Methodology Core (MC)

A multidisciplinary, multi-institutional Methodology Core (MC), led by Dr. Peter Baltrus, social epidemiologist and MSM faculty, will support the MSM NCPCR. The MC team will include Bryant Bailey, research assistant (MSM), Chaohua Li, MPH (MSM), biostatistician, the senior biostatistician (TBN), who has broad electronic health record data and research expertise, Dr. Anita Misra-Herbert (Cleveland Clinic/Lerner College of Medicine) who is an implementation scientist, and the external evaluation team from National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago lead by Senior Research Scientist, Maysoun Freij, PhD, MPH.

The MC will have three key responsibilities:

  1. Measuring the milestone-based objectives and outcomes for the overall project;
  2. Providing data management, analytic capacity, and study design support for the intervention projects across the cores (AC and MC), and CEAL Alliance; and
  3. Supporting evaluation activities.

The MC will work with the Administrative Core to measure progress toward project milestones and coordinate analysis and data collection standards with Intervention Project staff. The MC will coordinate data sharing or data use agreements across the CEAL Alliance and work with the CETAC to leverage alliance-wide data.

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The study is being conducted through funding by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) (sub-OTA 6793-02-S027)