What is Tx™ Scholarship?

  • Engages multidisciplinary researchers across the translational continuum/rings (basic to population-based scientists) to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate innovative science
  • Engages the community, from the inception of research concept and/or identifies potential community needs, strengths and implications/impact or research, through community-based participatory or community-engaged research partnerships and collaborations
  • Convenes interdisciplinary teams (that may include but not be limited to non-academic-industry, agency, and policy partners) to prioritize multi-level translation, dissemination and proof of impact strategies associated with research and evaluation, encompassing both processes and outcomes
  • Conducts research with results that broaden the evidence-base through data-driven proof of impact on health equity in underserved or special populations
  • Will include adoption and/or adaptation to communities of 1) those who are underserved/at-risk/vulnerable 2) science and 3) practice (clinical, public health, policy) based on cooperative needs